Introduction to Beijing Jinyu Polytechnic(BJP)


      Beijing Jinyu Polytechnic (formerly known as Beijing Building Materials Industrial School), founded in 1955, is the first national model secondary vocational school for the reform and development. It is a national key secondary vocational school for modern manufacturing. It has often been awarded the honorary titles of “National Education System Advanced Unit” and “Beijing and National Vocational Education Advanced Unit”.

      The school is located in southwestern suburbs of Beijing , an ancient town, Liulihe. It has two campuses, East and West. It covers an area of 175 mu and has a construction area of more than 110,000 square meters. The environment is beautiful and it is the "capital greening and beautifying garden-style unit". It has 3 training buildings named after the department and 2 public teaching buildings, a library, student apartments, standard plastic outdoor track and field, and a fully functional gymnasium. The education, teaching and living facilities are complete.

      The school has established 22 major vocational education majors in three majors: electromechanical, materials and information, It has eight 3+2 majors, including numerical control technology application, urban rail transit and computer network technology. And has 24 well-equipped and workshop-based training centers and 132 training rooms.

      At present, there are 283 faculty members, including 143 full-time teachers, 38 full-time master's degree holders, 100 undergraduate degrees, 46 senior titles, and 56 intermediate titles. The school has 3 masters of teaching in Beijing and the whole country, 2 winners of the Capital Labor Medal, 57 school-level teachers and key leaders in Beijing.

      The total number of students in the school is 1,369. The school adheres to the concept of "everyone is talented, everyone can be talented", and has a rich community organization such as etiquette team, chorus team, photography club, dance team, etc. The professional education program of starting the campus, blending civilization on campus, skill training in the campus, and cutting the ribbon on campus in he future enables students to develop their professional skills, expand their potential, extend their specialties, and continuously experience excellent quality for "sunshine, responsibility, and struggling spirit"and improved comprehensive professional abilities. For many years, graduates have been well received by companies.

      The school is a national training level for CAD skill level, computer grade, etc. It has training and appraisal qualifications for 41 projects including unique types of work, general types of work and special operations in the national building materials industry. The school is the Beijing Distance Learning Center of Modern Distance Education of Wuhan University of Technology. It has more than ten professional and undergraduate education in business administration and construction engineering management.

School principal: Guan Liang
School Name: Beijing Jinyu Polytechnic
Address: No.22, Chezhandongjie Street, Liulihe, Fangshan District,
Beijing Website:
Phone: 010-6932001